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Peggy Kirkwood
Hibiscus Peggy Kirkwood
Watercolor Still Life Peggy Kirkwood

9:00am - 12:00pm
$50 per Session

The Watercolor Creations In Studio Class is for students who have come through the Beginning Watercolor Class or who have a solid foundation with Watercolor painting. Students are encouraged to bring reference to paint what they are passionate about. 


Drawing skills are not mandatory but are encouraged. There will be a Lightbox to facilitate tracing of a photo or other references provided by the student if the student is intimidated about drawing. This class is ultimately about enjoying painting.


Individual one on one instruction takes place during the class as needed. 


Watercolor Creations is a WIN/WIN for every student as they work on what they are passionate about and see what others are working on by sharing ideas, techniques, successes, and ultimately becoming a learning experience created by the needs of each student, which creates a superior platform of creativity for everyone!

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