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Plein Air

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9am - 12pm
Riverbend Park
9060 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL 33478

Join us for an enriching experience that combines artistic expression with the beauty of the great outdoors in Gretchen Cocuzza's Plein Air classes.


Surround yourself in the beauty of outdoor painting as you are guided through the techniques of capturing nature on canvas. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, these classes offer an opportunity to explore the world of Plein Air painting in a supportive and inspiring environment. Gretchen's expertise and passion for the outdoors will elevate your artistic skills, helping you discover the joy of translating landscapes into breathtaking works of art.


Meet a little early to allow time to pick our spot and set up.  All mediums welcome.


*If you are new to Plein Air, please contact the instructor ahead of time. *

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