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Gretchen Cocuzza

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
$50 per Session

Supply List

Class Description:

Classes are held in an “open studio” environment with a new subject demonstrated at the beginning of each class and the remainder of class time is personal painting with guidance.  This way, there is no rush to complete a painting in one day.  


Students will learn for the first time or sharpen their skills in:

  • Elements of composition

  • The distinctive nature of oil paint and mediums

  • Color theory 

  • Spectrum painting

  • Brush Strokes and experimenting with other tools

  • Light and shadow

  • And much more….

Artist Bio:

Gretchen Cocuzza is a native of  Jupiter, Florida, having attended Jupiter Elementary, Middle and High School. 

Being a “real” artist was always her quiet dream but never came before raising and releasing five beautiful children.  

In 2016, she put her foot on the gas pedal and bravely connected to the art community, started painting in front of people (scarey), and learned, learned, learned.  

Her love for Florida’s scrappy history lush landscapes and friendly people, only deepened through quiet observations in plein air painting (painting in “open air”). That’s what happens when you’re standing still in a public place for a couple of hours.  Everyone has a story to tell.

By common definition, she is self-taught, having some terrific mentors.  But in the modern information age, learning to paint is so affordable and accessible.  She’s always willing to learn and share , or just talk until a squirrel runs by.

Gretchen is a native of Jupiter, Florida and has a deep passion for art. She paints Floridian landscapes, Plein Air, and portraiture. Gretchen is always excited to meet a new artist, patron, or anyone interested in talking art.

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