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Sue Archer

Drawing 101
9:00am - 12:00pm
Session $400.00

8 Week Course

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Supply List

Learning to draw is learning to see. It is an act of focused observation. There are many ways to draw and for many reasons. It is the basis for all visual arts no matter what your medium is, but there is only one way to learn to draw: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

This course will be taught similar to a workshop even though we meet weekly. You need to practice in between sessions to be able to improve! There will be drawing homework every week to do in between classes, because there is only one way to learn to draw: PRACTICE! 


  • What is a drawing?

  • What is a line?

  • What is value?

  • What is a shape?

  • What are the basic shapes?

  • What is a drawing field?

  • What is in our drawing tool belt?


Different Ways of Drawing:

  • Contour drawing

  • Gesture drawing

  • Cross-contour drawing

  • Relationship drawing


Design Elements:

  • Shapes:

       What is a good shape?

       What are basic shapes?

       What is a positive and negative shape?

  • Form    

  • Values

  • Color/values

  • Light and Shadow

  • Basic Perspective 

  • How to show distance.

Artist Bio:

Sue Archer - AWS, NWS, TWSA, FWS  

Sue is a studio and plein air artist, national workshop instructor and national juror and judge for watercolor exhibitions. She showed her work in Art Festivals in Florida from 1985 -2014 and still shows her work in national watercolor exhibitions.  Since Sue began exhibiting her work in 1985, she has won over 200 state and national awards, has received a Florida State Individual Artist Fellowship grant for painting, and has a DVD “Commanding Color”.

For 25 years Sue had painted large still lifes showing strong light and with textural interest. Now she is doing abstracted-textural work, close-up or mid-distant landscapes, some figurative works, and drawings in-studio and plein air. Painting the effect of light on her subjects and creating texture are still a passion of hers no matter what the genre.

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