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$50 per Class

Supply List

NEW TIME!  1pm - 4pm

Class Description:

Each session will be a unique set of experiments in painting with our scraper tools and palette knives on paper, layering and texturing.  

When dry these papers will be torn or cut into shapes and glued on canvas or paper support to create unique mixed-media abstracts.  

Students can use their already existing paintings that need a bit more attention, or fresh canvases or watercolor paper.

The purpose is to increase our understanding of composition and color in a fun, experimental way. Although we will be working abstractly in these courses, the information learned will be useful in all styles of painting. It will even help students define their unique style.

Supplies:  Acrylic Paints, Canvas or 140 # Watercolor Paper or similar support.

Gloss or Matt Medium. Palette Knives, Scrapers, Spatulas, Mark-making Tools.

For the collage papers you can bring printer paper, mail that you would usually recycle, old envelopes, old bills with private info removed, etc.


Artist Bio:

Patricia Lappin opened her first studio in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1980. She taught privately and at the Greenwich Art Society in Greenwich, CT and was an elected artist member of the Silvermine Guild of Artist in Wilton, CT.  

Patricia moved to Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 1996 and taught at the Center for Art Education and the Ft. Smith Art Center, now named the Ft. Smith Regional Art Museum (RAM). She also taught small groups weekly and workshops in the surrounding communities during the 20 years she resided in Arkansas.

Patricia has an extensive background in portraiture, landscape and abstract. Since moving to Florida, her personal work is changing, becoming more abstract and brighter in color.

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