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Strategies for Marketing and Selling Your Art Online

Art Workshops Box

3 Session Workshop
March 12, 19 & 26 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Workshop Description:

Unleash the potential of your artistic talent with our workshop on “Strategies for Marketing and Selling Your Art Online”. In three immersive sessions, you’ll delve into the innovative world of print-on-demand services. I’ll guide you through identifying the best social media platforms tailored to showcase your art, maximizing exposure and engagement with your target audience.


This workshop is designed to be hands-on. You’ll not only learn but also actively start building your online presence. We’ll walk you through setting up your profiles, optimizing your content for maximum impact, and leveraging these platforms to create a robust digital footprint.


Furthermore, we will dive into practical strategies to begin selling your work online, focusing on popular formats like prints and greeting cards. Whether you’re a seasoned artist of just staring, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into profit. Join us, and let’s embark on a journey to transform your art into a thriving online business.

About the Instructor:

Victoria Grigaliunas is a watercolor artist and stationery designer whose work embodies the vibrancy of the Palm Beaches. With a brush dipped in the hues of tropical Florida, she crafts unique watercolor designs that capture the region’s enchanting marine life and botanicals. Her commitment to beauty extends to bespoke stationery that carries the spirit of the tropics into every invitation and correspondence. Throughout her career, Victoria has meticulously honed and fine-tuned her marketing strategy, a journey that has been as colorful and dynamic as her art. Her approach, blending traditional methods with digital innovation, has been instrumental in carving her niche in the art world.


Currently serving as the creative director for Do Tell A Belle, Victoria skillfully balances her time. She dedicates herself part-time to promoting her watercolor work and stationery designs online, successfully navigating the digital landscape to reach a broader audience. This blend of artistic talent and savvy marketing continues to expand her presence, drawing more eyes to her stunning representations of Florida’s tropical allure. Discover Victoria’s artistic world at her blog,, where each piece is not just art, but an invitation to savor the laid-back luxury of Florida through her creative lens.


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