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Everything Abstract - Fridays

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Pat Dews headshot in black and white

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
4 Week Course

Photograph of Pat Dews' Artwork titled "Acadia Remembered"
Photograph of Pat Dews' Artwork titled "Richmond Letters"
Headshot of Jacalyn Gmoch, Artist and Instructor
Jacalyn Gmoch Abstract Artwork
Jacalyn Gmoch Abstract Artwork

Class Description:

Join Pat Dews & Jacalyn Gmoch for this 4-week Everything Abstract class! Students will learn the process of abstracting from nature. Focus will be on composition and painting techniques such as cropping, collaging, painting with washes, creating textures, and composing strata pieces will be demonstrated. Students will learn how to use a wide range of eclectic materials to produce abstract paintings with strong value and composition.


Pat Dews, a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City is a signature member and Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the National Collage Society, the New Jersey Water Color Society, and the Florida Watercolor Society.

Dews creates experimental works in water media on paper and canvas. She paints the abstract essence of nature. The shapes and textures of flowers, rocks, water, crumbled walls, rusty objects are translated into richly layered paint surfaces. Collage is often integrated. Dews skillfully juggles organic and geometric forms, transparent and opaque paint - all held together by a basic abstract underlying shape. It is this intricate dance, rendered in strong color and value which produces her award-winning paintings. When Pat paints, it is a lively, fascinating performance as she shows that, with the simplest tools, less can become more, much more. 


Jacalyn Gmoch is an award-winning artist living in South Florida. While earning her BFA in Painting at Florida Atlantic University, she won the Best Portfolio Award from the Visual Arts Department. She is the lead instructor at the Boca Raton Museum Art School for Collage, Mixed Media, and Abstract Painting. She teaches numerous classes and workshops in various formats and has exhibited her art throughout South Florida. Jacalyn believes art is for everyone and is admired for the energetic enthusiasm she brings to her craft, inspiring students of all ages. She hopes and firmly believes that her art can provide enrichment and connection for both the individual and the community. 


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