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Instructor - Sue Archer - AWS, NWS, TWSA, FWS

Sue is a studio and plein air artist, national workshop instructor and national juror and judge for watercolor exhibitions. She showed her work in Art Festivals in Florida from 1985 -2014 and still shows her work in national watercolor exhibitions.  Since Sue began exhibiting her work in 1985, she has won over 200 state and national awards, has received a Florida State Individual Artist Fellowship grant for painting, and has a DVD “Commanding Color”.​

For 25 years Sue had painted large still lifes showing strong light and with textural interest. Now she is doing abstracted-textural work, close-up or mid-distant landscapes, some figurative works, and drawings in-studio and plein air. Painting the effect of light on her subjects and creating texture are still a passion of hers no matter what the genre.


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This will be an Open Studio with Sue Archer as the instructor available.

These classes have been set up with the intent of helping the attendees with their drawing and painting skills and to move on to finished drawings and or paintings that you personally want to do. 

Sue’s past drawing students and any drawing “enthusiasts” are welcome. Beginners are urged to take the beginning workshop as well when it is offered, which concentrates on the basics, theory, and extensive practice.


You may work with your own references and bring in your own still life that you are working from. Each day there will be a studio still-life set up; a model’s picture(s) on the monitor; and photos of landscapes to work from. However, you will be encouraged to take your own photos of landscapes and bring them to the studio. This can also be a time to work on value patterns for paintings or for plein air work you have done and need help with the value patterns.

Tuesday Afternoons 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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