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Jumping into Urban Sketching with both feet!

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February 4 & 5, 2023
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


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Workshop Description:

Join instructor Carl Stoveland from the Palm Beach Urban Sketchers for this exciting two-day workshop where he will share his techniques and processes for making quick and loose sketches of interesting subjects in the real world.  We’ll look at determining a good composition, getting your idea down on paper and working layers building up ink and color.  Urban sketching is fun and helps build your confidence in your studio work as well.  You will be able to make 2-3 finished sketches each day.  It is a great way to supercharge and energize your art practice.  After this workshop, you will find that you don’t want to leave home without your sketch book.


About the Instructor:

Carl grew up in NY near the Catskill Mountains and found his passion for photography hiking along the many trails and streams near his home.  His Dad spent his entire career working in photo labs and his mom is an oil painter and watercolorist, so the apple did not fall far from the tree in this case.  Carl’s current passions include a variety of photo and painting media along with teaching and urban sketching.

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