Planes of Vision in Watercolor

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February 24 - 26, 2023
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Workshop Description:

During this workshop, we will be painting the variety of subjects including streetscapes, boats, and landscapes. Students will learn how to approach complicated scenery without a struggle and to convey its character without resorting to endless details' depiction, and master watercolor application techniques in a loose bold brush style of painting.

You will discover how to

  • Define existing scapes into three focal planes to tackle any subject matter

  • Find focal areas and their place within 3 planes of vision

  • Use different painting techniques for each focal plane to convey a sense of depth in the painting 

  • Finish your painting with intricate details

  • Energize your painting with powerful brushwork


About the Instructor:

Vladislav is an exhibiting member of many art societies nationwide, and a Signature member of prestigious American Impressionist Society and National Watercolor Society. His work has been widely represented in print media in the USA and Europe, including but not limited to 2016 February issue of Watercolor Artist magazine (USA) which also featured his painting “Royal Opera” on the cover of the magazine, 2017 June/July issue of PleinAir Magazine (USA) and 2018 March issue of Art of Watercolour (France).