Plein Air & Best Approaches to "Quick Draw"

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February 28 - March 2, 2023
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Workshop Description:

In this 3-day comprehensive workshop, you will learn Vladislav's best approaches to working outdoors starting with location and “point of view”. Important value sketching and composition lessons will follow. Vlad will demonstrate his justified shortcuts in his painting process, and as a result, you will learn to paint more efficiently and effectively.  


You will learn how to choose the subject matter and properly compose it. We will discuss which elements from your landscape view need to be moved, enhanced, or removed all together.

Most attention will be guided towards the idea of painting the light on objects instead of painting the elements themselves. How to plan your painting process and where to start it will be discussed and demoed.


Mixing colors, loose brush techniques, and planes of view will be demonstrated in the most simple, straightforward way. Each day participants will complete one painting. 


The last day we will practice “quick draw” painting. You will learn essential time allocation for each task on hand starting from the quick sketch and then efficient painting procedure. We will finish the workshop with the discussion and individual critiques.


About the Instructor:

Vladislav is an exhibiting member of many art societies nationwide, and a Signature member of prestigious American Impressionist Society and National Watercolor Society. His work has been widely represented in print media in the USA and Europe, including but not limited to 2016 February issue of Watercolor Artist magazine (USA) which also featured his painting “Royal Opera” on the cover of the magazine, 2017 June/July issue of PleinAir Magazine (USA) and 2018 March issue of Art of Watercolour (France).