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Linocut Printmaking

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April 22, 2023
10:30 am - 4:30 pm
1-Day Workshop $250

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Workshop Description:

In this beginner workshop you will learn the skills of linocut printmaking and print your very own hand-cut works on paper. No experience required! Once learned, this versatile and accessible technique can be applied to the creation of artist’s books, textile design, poster design, cards, limited-edition prints and more. This workshop is not recommended for young kids as there is knife-work involved. If a child would like to attend, please contact Valerie to discuss.


You will be selecting a design from a stack of premade designs that work well for learning the art of linocut printmaking. If you have a design you would like to use, please contact the artist prior to the workshop to be sure your sizing and design are compatible with the class structure. You will leave this workshop with four hand-pulled, hand-carved, and hand-pressed prints that you will have created from a single block of your own making.



  • Basic printmaking terminology

  • Proper tool use and techniques

  • How to plan and design a linocut

  • Basic composition

  • How to transfer your image to the “block”

  • How to flesh-out the image on the block to make the carving process easier

  • Carving your block & carving safety

  • An introduction to printmaking papers and paper cutting techniques

  • Framing your block on the table to provide a border for the art

  • Inking your block

  • Pressing and pulling your prints

  • Numbering and signing your editions

About the Instructor:

Valerie Perreault is a visual artist and published poet originally from Chicago, now based in the Florida Keys and Key West. Her work is joyful and intuitive. It blurs the lines between collage, printmaking, and sculpture. Her use of color and layered texture pulls the viewer into the piece and challenges them to be a part of the memory that inspired it. Perreault’s work has been featured in GOOP, Hia Magazine, Buzzfeed and PBS Art Loft, among others, and she has permanent art installations in several high-end resorts including Tommie Austin, Hotel St. Elm, Hawks Cay Resort and Kea Lani, Maui. 


Valerie explains her process; “I create art to digest and re-experience the world. The process is a long meditation on an often very ordinary moment, a way of falling into the hidden beauty inside the often-missed details of a day. It is my hope that my work washes over the viewer like a poem, that it both informs and delights while creating a sense of rediscovering a memory, a place, or a feeling.”


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