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About The Instructor

Caroline is a K-12 certified art educator, ceramic sculptor, watercolor artist, and Zazzle Pro designer.  At the University of Florida, her concentration was centered around conceptual figurative sculpture.  She has taught a variety of subjects to all secondary grade levels including ceramics, drawing, painting, and sculpture at IB magnet and independent college - preparatory schools. Caroline's students have been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers with Scholastic gold and silver regional awards and a national silver medal. Additionally, she has a 100% student pass rate on the Advanced Placement 3D Art and Design College Board portfolio review. Caroline has received the New Professional Award from the Florida Art Education Association and has raised over $3,000 to enhance her programs. Caroline believes the key to learning is to keep an open mind, continually strive for growth, and always maintain a helpful heart.

Caroline Duran

JUNE 14 & 21  1pm - 3pm

Oil and Chalk Pastels 

In this class, students will learn to draw intricate florals or delicious fruit using the Grid Method, a structured approach to sketching. Students will be encouraged to bring their own reference photos or have parents provide them, allowing for personalization and creative expression. Get ready to unleash your artistic talents in a fun and supportive environment!

JUNE 28 & JULY 5  1pm - 3pm

Acrylic Stacked Donuts

Students explore composition, contrast, and paint mixing through the lens of delectable donuts. Using reference photos provided by the teacher or taken by students, participants dive into the world of acrylic painting. The class employs the Gridded Method and Zoomed composition techniques to foster abstraction, encouraging students to experiment with perspective and form. By the end of the course, students emerge with a deeper understanding of acrylic painting techniques and a portfolio of scrumptious donut-themed artworks.

JULY 12, 19 & 26  1pm - 3pm

Paper Mixed Media Collage Paintings 

Using reference photos provided by the instructor or taken by the students themselves, participants will learn to transfer contour and value outlines onto canvas or wood surfaces. This process, achieved through the chalk method or transfer paper, sets the foundation for their compositions.

Students will experiment with a range of materials including glue, modge-podge, hot glue, magazines, books, and watercolor paints. These diverse mediums allow for endless possibilities in creating texture, depth, and visual interest in their collages.

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Paper Mixed Media Collage Paintings 3.jpg


Please come into the studio to sign your child in & out every day they have class. If someone other than a parent or guardian is dropping off or picking up please be sure they are on the authorized list and can provide a photo ID.

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