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Mastering Edges & Paint Manipulation


March 13, 14 & 15, 2024
9:00am - 4:00pm

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Workshop Description:

In this workshop students will be encouraged to take authority over the edges in their paintings.  They will be assisted in creating a variety of edges from firmly held to lost and found.  Emphasis will be placed on the where, when, and why of edges as well as paint manipulation in general.  Secondary emphasis will be placed on the use of both conventional and unconventional tools.


We will have a lot of fun exploring the creation of a variety of edges.  And we’ll gain experience with mark making, as well as adding and subtracting paint with a variety of non-conventional tools.  Don’t worry, we’ll be using normal brushes and painting knives as well.  Students are encouraged to bring photo references of whatever subject matter they prefer.  Robert will have a variety of photo references available if you have none.  He suggests working from a tablet or laptop if possible.


Artist Bio:

Robert J. Simone has a passion for painting that makes him an excellent instructor. He has 13 years of experience teaching classes and workshops on painting. He is known for his thorough knowledge of the craft and ability to clearly communicate the essential concepts, principals, and techniques of fine painting. He possesses a unique ability to explain and entertain as he demonstrates. His personal motto is that good instructors inform, encourage, and inspire.


Simone has taught workshops throughout the eastern United States including stops in Florida, North Carolina, Long Island and the Finger Lakes Region of NY. 


As an artist, Robert is nationally recognized. His work was featured in Southwest Art, American Art Collector and Plein Air Magazine.

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