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Take Your Paintings To The Next Level

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January 26, 27 & 28, 2023
9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Workshop Description:

The fine art of painting is more of a journey than a destination.  Some days we feel good about our work and some days we feel frustrated.  Sometimes it’s hard to know if what we’re doing is any good or not.  One thing’s for sure, we all want to get better.  We want to get to that next level.  

Taking your paintings to the next level is a matter of having a principled approach, knowing the best ways to practice, taking time to experiment, facing our fears, turning weaknesses into strengths, and getting some fair and honest feedback.

This workshop will focus on how to foster your own growth and have fun doing it.  Special emphasis will be placed on developing a principled painterly process that works every time for every subject.

About the Instructor:

Robert J. Simone has 14+ years experience teaching painting classes and workshops throughout Florida and the eastern United States.  He is an award-winning veteran of many national exhibitions and plein air competitions.  He is a Signature Member of both the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) and Outdoor Painters Society (OPS).  His paintings are held in numerous private collections.

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