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Not So Still, Still Life


December 4 & 5, 2023
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Holiday Special!

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Workshop Description:

Come join Michelle in this two-day immersive plein air workshop.

Michelle herself has been dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new techniques, and sparking creativity in others. Her teaching style is collaborative, interactive, and focused on helping artists of all levels find their unique voice.

Michelle is offering a call to action for artists to move away from traditional depictions of still life and create more dynamic and lively compositions. It could also refer to the idea that even though the objects in a still life painting are not moving, they still have the potential to convey movement and energy through the use of color, texture, brushwork and composition.
Essentially, this phrase could be seen as a reminder to explore new and unconventional ways of depicting the way light and shadow affect still life subjects.


Artist Bio:

Born in Maryland, raised in Florida, Michelle knew from a young age she was meant to paint. Passionately working as an artist and business owner for the past 28 years, Michelle has been living out her dreams in Sarasota, Florida. 

Michelle currently participates in invitational paint outs and is widely collected throughout the United States. She is also represented in three thriving galleries.

Her success in the art world has come from her winning combination of creative spark and imaginative nature along with her strong desire to evoke a feeling in her paintings. Often commissioned for custom paintings as well as historical restoration, Michelle’s passion for wildlife and its ecosystems brought her to embrace the natural world through painting from life, en plein air.

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