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About The Instructor

Caroline is a K-12 certified art educator, ceramic sculptor, watercolor artist, and Zazzle Pro designer.  At the University of Florida, her concentration was centered around conceptual figurative sculpture.  She has taught a variety of subjects to all secondary grade levels including ceramics, drawing, painting, and sculpture at IB magnet and independent college - preparatory schools. Caroline's students have been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers with Scholastic gold and silver regional awards and a national silver medal. Additionally, she has a 100% student pass rate on the Advanced Placement 3D Art and Design College Board portfolio review. Caroline has received the New Professional Award from the Florida Art Education Association and has raised over $3,000 to enhance her programs. Caroline believes the key to learning is to keep an open mind, continually strive for growth, and always maintain a helpful heart.

Caroline Duran

Mondays - JUNE 10 & 17  10am - 12pm

Doodle Birds

In this imaginative session, budding artists will explore the magic of watercolor by creating vibrant multi-colored blobs using the wet-on-wet technique. With the guidance of Caroline, students will learn to apply masking fluid to craft intricate details like eyes and beaks. Once dry, young artists will bring their creations to life using paint pens and ink pens to add feathers, patterns, and quirky feet. Let creativity soar in this fun-filled exploration of art!

Thursdays - JUNE 13 & 20  10am - 12pm

Gestural Florals

Using vibrant oil pastels on heavy paper, young creatives will discover the joy of drawing three distinct floral arrangements in vases. With guidance, they'll master techniques to capture the lively essence of flowers from a real-life reference. Don't miss this opportunity for your child to express their imagination and artistic flair!

Mondays - JUNE 24 & JULY 1  10am - 12pm

 Pop-Art Donuts

In this engaging session, young creators will explore the colorful world of Pop Art while discovering the magic of color and mixed-media techniques. With materials like white card stock, colored squares, paper, felt, confetti, and sprinkles, imagination knows no bounds. Unleash creativity and watch masterpieces come to life!

Thursdays -  JUNE 27 & JULY 4  10am - 12pm

Rainbow Fish

Join this fun-filled session where budding artists will dive into the vibrant world of fish drawing! Through playful exploration, students will master the techniques of drawing and shading three unique fish species using expressive oil pastels in a loose, gestural style. Let your child's creativity swim freely!

Mondays -  JULY 8 & JULY 15  10am - 12pm

Symmetrical Beetles

Join us for an imaginative journey into the world of bugs! Using a lightbox, students will trace the contours of their chosen bug onto heavyweight paper. They'll then mix glue with black acrylic paint to carefully trace the lines, adding depth and detail. Once dry, it's time to bring their bug to life with vibrant watercolors, filling in each section with creativity and color. This hands-on class is perfect for young minds eager to explore art and nature in a fun and engaging way!

Thursdays - JULY 11 & JULY 18  10am - 12pm

Doily and Donuts

In this engaging session, young artists will explore the exciting world of mixed-media artwork using acrylic paint, heavy gel compound, sprinkles, doilies, and mod podge.

Children will learn to create stunning compositions by painting contrasting backgrounds and foregrounds, unlocking their creativity as they blend colors and textures. From bold brushstrokes to delicate details, each young artist will have the opportunity to express themselves in unique and colorful ways.

Mondays - JULY 22 & JULY 29  10am - 12pm

Bon Appetit

Using templates and lightboxes, students will learn to sketch adorable cats or dogs, then customize their furry friends with their favorite foods. With newspaper, modge podge, canvas, and vibrant acrylic paints, children will bring their creations to life on canvas. They'll also get to express themselves further by choosing contrasting colors or patterns for the background or foreground. Let your child's imagination flourish in this fun-filled class!

Thursdays -  JULY 25 & AUGUST 1  10am - 12pm

Watercolor and Ink Lighthouse

Using provided templates, students will craft their own lighthouse compositions against vibrant backgrounds. Through the magic of watercolors, they'll bring their artwork to life with splashes of color and depth. Once dry, students will wield Sharpies to add intricate textures and patterns, adding an extra layer of detail to their masterpiece. Let imaginations soar and creativity flow in this fun-filled class!

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Please come into the studio to sign your child in & out every day they have class. If someone other than a parent or guardian is dropping off or picking up please be sure they are on the authorized list and can provide a photo ID.

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