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Make Your Paintings Better

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April 1 & 2, 2023
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
$350 2-Day Workshop

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Students should bring subject matter and medium of their own choice along with reference materials. They are encouraged to bring art they have in progress, art they are not satisfied with, and a subject they want to start new. All must have reference materials. It is also advised to bring a portfolio of photographs of previous artwork. Students can work in any style they chose and will be encouraged to develop a niche or style of their own.


Day One:

Students should arrive at 9:00 am.  Class will start at 9:30 am sharp with a demonstration that should last about 2 hours including class discussion.  

We will discuss choosing a subject and how to decide on changes within the photos, we will focus on the use of light and shadow patterns and the most effective use of light.

Laurie will demonstrate palette layout, color mixing, brush techniques, simple design layout and starting a painting.

A review for each student’s work will be made to help them access their strengths, style, and weaknesses. All students will participate in this process together as a group. Painting demonstrations will take place along with the discussions and review of applying Art Principles of Design and Elements of Design to create better paintings.


When each student has completed their time learning how to evaluate their work and know what to concentrate on for themselves, there will be a lunch break,

All will paint for the remaining of the afternoon with an hour set aside for a review as a group for each student’s work as desired.


Day Two:

All students should try to start a new painting or work on a painting they have already started. Students should arrive at 9:00 am to prepare their palettes and start painting.  Teaching will start at 9:30 am. Individual time for questions and suggestions will be done for each students taking time as needed until everyone has had time to ask questions and get suggestion.

Laurie prefers to show techniques and changes on the student’s painting but if they prefer she does not, then they should bring a canvas pad for demo purposes. This is a class to learn how to make better paintings, the purpose is not to complete a pretty painting in two days.

About the Instructor:

Creating since the age of five, Laurie was destined to flourish in art society winning multiple elite awards, creating licensed artwork, and illustrating a number of published books. Encouraged by her high school art teacher Laurie applied for and won a scholarship to Columbus College of Art & Design. She painted for Leon Lord Portrait Studio, has been a member of the National Portrait Society, Oil Painters of America, National Oil & Acrylic Painters, WITVA, Wellington Art Society, Florida Art Group (FLAG), Palm Beach County Artist and other art organizations.

Laurie Snow Hein is known beyond her home of Florida reaching audiences around the world.  With award winning pieces varying from tropical landscapes and botanicals to animals in action and fine portraits, her work appeals to art aficionados across the board. Her canvases burst into life with sparkling light, brilliant color, and breathtaking dramatic scenes that her collectors love. 

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