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Wednesday & Thursday

July 21 & 22, 2021

10:00am - 2:00 pm

Critique - August 4, 2021

10am - 12pm

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The workshop will demonstrate brushwork on painting clouds, sunset, beach and sea oats.  This will be a  choice of a two or three-day workshop. The following week, a third-day class will allow the painting to dry, and then on the third class day teach glazing with liquin to add color, correct values, and add detail. 

About the Instructor:

 is an accomplished portrait artist well known for her Florida landscapes, beaches, oceans, botanicals and birds. She has worked in artistic fields as a professional teacher, licensed artist and illustrator. Many awards have accumulated over the years. However, the joy of teaching and seeing the enthusiasm in her students and clients is the most meaningful.

Day One: 3 hours 

Color mixing and prepare palette for painting

Analyze the photograph and the design. How to Pre-plan before painting and consideration for the composition.  

Practice brush technique and drawing with the brush.

Lay in the abstract shapes of the design and paint the sky, water, and beach.

Day Two: 3 hours.

Finish Painting the beach, ocean 

Paint the sea oats.

Critique to prepare for meeting on the third day.

During the next week, students can review the video and finish their painting as they desire.

Day Three:  August 4 - 2 hours.

Open with critique, review, and questions. Suggestions will be made for each painter as to adjustments and applying the elements and principles of design and painting. 

$50 discount for any student who invites a new person to the workshop on Painting Sunset Beach.

Both students get a $50 discount on the workshop.

Check out this Preview of what you'll learn in the workshop!

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