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Let's Paint Together!

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March 20th & 27th, 2023
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
2 Days - $350

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Workshop Description: 

Laurie will take you on a painting journey putting together elements from previous classes.

We will paint a wave, the ocean, sky and clouds, rocks and transparent water. It will be a chance

Supply List

to paint a large painting and to get comfortable with a larger format. The suggested size is  24 x 36 but you can choose larger size if you desire.

She will demo a palette and mixing colors, layout without a drawing. first by blocking in mass shapes, There will be emphasis on values and how to find the correct ones and then using color effectively. As always, Laurie will instruct on brushstrokes and making color flow rather than filling in shapes. THIS IS AN OIL PAINTING CLASS, If you choose to paint in acrylic it is possible but I will not be addressing acrylic directly.

Primary Benefit: Gain confidence in Color mixing, painting larger, identifying major shapes and values. Learning to paint, not just color in shapes.

About the Instructor:

Artist Laurie Snow Hein is a rare Florida treasure. As a native Floridian she grew up on south Florida’s most beautiful beaches and it is those memories that still inspire her work today. She depicts our beaches not only as they are, but also as they existed in her idyllic childhood.

Recognized nationally for her coastal originals and prints, Snow-Hein has achieved something most artists only dream about, but never achieve. She has been able to raise her six children on the income doing what she loves . . . creating and successfully selling her paintings. 

While most of us hated the isolation of the pandemic, Snow-Hein found inspiration and more time to paint, to paint much larger more detailed images of her favorite coastal views from Crystal River and Boynton Beach to the Florida Keys.

Laurie started teaching at age 21 and has been teaching at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach and Lost Tree Village in PBG for over 30 years.

This January 2023, her paintings can be seen at city hall and next weekend at the Boca Raton Fine Art Show December 31 and January 1st. She will be also showing locally at Artigras in Palm Beach Gardens February 18 -19th and Vero Beach Under the Oaks.

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