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Monday & Tuesday

March 22 & 23, 2021

9:00am - 12:00 pm


  • All workshop art classes will emphasize the elements and principles of design while working with oil paints. I will demonstrate a variety of personal techniques, methods, and styles of painting to be explored. The main intention is to have each student find their own strengths and weaknesses while developing a style of their own. The class will not be a lot of catchy brush techniques but will concentrate on applying knowledge that will strengthen the skill of each student.

  • A brief foundation of color mixing will be demonstrated with the start of the session. The objective is not to finish a painting in one session, but to gain knowledge, skills and how to apply that  to each student's personal painting style. The class will share goals, discuss ideas, ask questions, review basic techniques and principles they want to learn before the day of the class.

She will send out an email to her students asking what type of Florida bird they would like as well as whether it will be a coastal/seaside or everglades background. She wants to use the choice as a way to generate interest, but I think she is already leaning towards a Great Blue Heron with a coastal background.


She will cover the following over the course of the two days:

  • photographing the subject

  • composing the subject (how to place the bird in the setting)

  • preparing the palette 

  • how to use a notan to control light patterns

  • critiquing students' paintings

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