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Making Waves - In a Good Way!

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February 7 & 8, 2024
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
2-Day Workshop $325

Supply List

Workshop Description:

Guided by Karen Leffel-Massengill, this interactive learning experience provides a supportive community for art enthusiasts to engage in discussions, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback. Beyond capturing the beauty of waves, students delve into the anatomy behind them, mastering techniques to depict dynamic motion and play with light and shadow. Explore composition, learning to divide the canvas into visually pleasing arrangements, and discover the various ways to create sea foam.


By the end of the workshop, each student will proudly take home a finished masterpiece, showcasing their newfound skills and the beauty of the ocean in their unique artistic style. Reserve your spot today for a day filled with creativity, learning, and the joy of painting.


Artist Bio:

Karen Leffel-Massengill knew at a very young age that she wanted to be an artist. Crayons and coloring books were constant companions as her family moved frequently and literally around the world.


Graduating with a BA degree in fine art from Florida State University in 1972, Karen postponed beginning a career in art for that of being a wife and mother. Life has a way of leading us down its own path, and in 1981 she was awarded an associates degree in nursing from Northern Virginia Community College.


Along the way she became a signature artist in the Florida Watercolor Society and the Society of Animal Artists. Birds in Art, an annual international competition, has accepted her entry four times, twice in watercolor and twice in oils.

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