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Enclosed Terrariums


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
1-Day Workshop $80

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Workshop Description:

Come learn how to create and sustain your own enclosed glass terrarium!


You will receive hands-on instructions and valuable tips on the process of crafting your personalized enclosed terrarium. The environment of your live vessel will benefit from the plants, substrate, and living critters that you will add. 


This workshop also includes an introduction on enclosed terrariums, the science behind these self-contained ecosystems, and how to care for them. Not only will you walk away with your very own handmade glass terrarium, you will also have the skills and knowledge to look after your new bottled garden at home. Care instructions will be provided to take home. The duration of this workshop can range from 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours.


Price includes all materials and light refreshments.


Prebuilt terrariums by Jenny will be available for purchase for anyone interested at the end of the workshop.


About the Instructor:

Jennifer Vasallo (b. Queens, NY, 1985) is a self-taught artist who uses her natural born skillset to create paintings with a personal meaning. She discovered her passion while in the pursuit of an outlet to deal with her mental health struggles. Art has become her coping mechanism. Jennifer is an emerging artist who is determined to share with the viewer how using art, intuitively, can change one's sense of awareness and emotional state. In creating such works, she has found a place to heal and find her voice when words aren't enough. Jennifer explains in her work how we can find beauty within the darkest moments throughout life if we are simply willing to pay close attention. 


Her primary mediums are oil and acrylic but also enjoys experimenting with plants and anything she can get her hands on. Adding a splash of life onto canvas, walls, shoes, accessories, and clothing. She even experiments heavily on furniture. Upcycling antique, one-of-a-kind pieces, where she is free to express her creative side and bring life to these classic overlooked gems. She is the creative mind behind all the furniture transformations at The Farms Vintage Boutique. After losing her beloved father in a sudden horse accident, she developed a passion for building live terrariums where she uses nature as her main inspiration. Jennifer encourages others to step into nature to find peace & heal from any difficulty we are faced with throughout life. Jennifer is always finding new ways to create and wants to help others find their creative inner child, this brings meaning to her.

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