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Expressive Watercolor - Head & Figure

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February 17 & 18, 2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Workshop Description:

This workshop is to demonstrate an approach to painting the head and figure.  Our goal will be to bring life to the painting, learning about the gesture of people, as well as the physical construction.  We will cover flesh tones, features, hair, clothing, and backgrounds.

Show and Tell will be part of the learning process and is for all levels.  Students can work from Janet’s photos or their own.  Drawing aids will be provided.  NO FEAR!!


No matter what level, students will learn how to interpret the head and figure in a spontaneous manner.  Once one gets over having to make an exact copy, the likeness comes easier, and the creative process begins.  Through a series of fun exercises, we will learn easy ways to create paintings in a spontaneous way.  It is always helpful to learn how to interpret features, hair, flesh, clothing, and backgrounds as well as the movement and life of a person.

About the Instructor:

Janet Rogers is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society, the Florida Watercolor Society, as well as others.  She has been a working award-winning artist for over 40 years, and currently enjoys popularity as an instructor across the US and Europe for her exciting workshops.

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