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Etheard Joseph

5:00pm - 7:00pm
4-Week Session $160


October 2022

"Portrait Photography", is a 4 week, in studio, digital photography course providing an in-depth look at portraiture and studio photography. This course is for anyone at any photography level. Etheard's hands-on approach will help students learn how to work with a live subject, in a professional studio setting, creating exceptional images. Students will also explore various camera settings, angles, lighting techniques, using reflectors along with various color backdrops. In addition, lighting techniques, photo composition, and the aesthetics of portrait photography will be covered. Constructive feedback on students' progress will be provided weekly.

We recommend each student bring a DSLR camera and memory card to each class. 



  • Learn the settings of a DLS camera system (iso, f/stop, shutter speed, depth of field)

  • Practice how to properly light a subject using studio lights and reflectors

  • Apply creative aesthetics to create beautiful pictures of subjects in the studio

  • Understanding digital workflow management

  • Utilizing editing tools layers, dodge, burn, mask, and others

Artist Bio:

Etheard is an innovative, creative, self-taught artist. His work has been described as daring, brilliant, unapologetic, and original. He is known for his amazing and unparalleled way of storytelling through painting, photography, drawing, collage, and other mediums.  


He holds an A.A. in Photography from Suny Suffolk Community College, a B.A. in Photography and Media Arts from Suny Empire State College, and an MSEd in Business Education from Hofstra University. Over the years, his work has been shown at numerous group gallery art exhibitions in Brooklyn, and Long Island. Etheard recently moved from Long Island, New York to Jupiter, Florida.