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Lightweight Foam Mosaics

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May 2 & 3, 2023
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
2-Day Workshop $150


Workshop Description:

Welcome to Lightweight Foam Mosaics with Deborah Bottorff! We will explore the fascinating world of foam mosaic art and create a beautiful piece of artwork using lightweight foam materials.


Foam mosaic is a form of art that involves using small pieces of foam to create a larger image or design. The technique is similar to traditional mosaic, but with foam pieces instead of ceramic or glass. This allows for a lightweight and flexible material that can be easily manipulated to create stunning designs. It is a completely new and original artform.


In this workshop, we will focus on creating concentric circles using foam pieces. Students will be provided plenty of pre-painted foam pieces in many colors that they can freely cut and paste. Deborah will provide some education on color balance and the effect that colors have on our moods and show students the technique of cutting their pieces to fit. All supplies will be provided. Students will just need a good pair of 8-inch scissors like Fiskars original or Fiskars Titanium. They are also encouraged to bring a picture from a magazine, or printed photo from the internet, or even a favorite piece of colorful clothing that has the colors that they really like. That is the research that will give them a frame of reference when they are planning their color palette.


This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists looking to expand their skills. At the end of the workshop, you will take home your very own mosaic artwork, an original impressionistic sun. Join us for a fun and creative workshop that will leave you with a beautiful piece of art and new skills to continue exploring the world of foam mosaic!


We can’t wait to see what you will create!


About The Instructor:

Deborah Bottorff lives and works in Stuart, Florida. She was raised in Southern California. Her many childhood visits to Laguna Beach, studying the plein air artists along the shore, awakened her desire to pursue a life of creative expression.


Deborah’s lightweight foam mosaic art has been shown multiple times at the Cultural Courthouse and the Elliot Museum in Martin County. She has also shown her work at the Palm Room Gallery in Stuart, where she was awarded second place at the show. Her work was juried into the Backus Museum “Best of the Best” show in Port St. Lucie. Deborah won the Creek District Mosaic Competition and created a permanent mosaic art installation in the sidewalk of a children’s park in Stuart.

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